What Is Fine Art Portrait Photography?
Anyone can take a photograph, but not everyone can be a fine art photographer.
Fine art portrait photography has exploded in the luxury portraiture photography market in recent years.
The results can be breathtaking, and make for stunning wall art.
As the name suggests 'fine art photography' is more about 'art' than it is about 'photography.' Fine art photographers, in more senses than one, are artists. A lot of skill and effort goes into creating this style of portrait photographs. 
There is a high level of perception and skill that goes into creating fine art portrait for clients and it takes a highly proficient photographer to do this well. Although there is no official course to become a fine art photographer it can often take years of study and practise to become proficient.

More than other genres of photography fine art is all about creativity and vision, rather than photography techniques and rules.
Fine art photography goes beyond simply capturing what is in front of the camera. That’s only a small part of the skillset.
In fine art photography the final image, after post processing, is intended to have the same quality feel as fine art. And much of this is achieved after the picture has been taken, in Photoshop, to enhance the image in line with the original creative vision.
Fine art photographers use artistic elements and principles in their artworks. These include factors such as space, balance, colour, space, depth, form, texture, and light to enhance their images.

A fine art portrait is intended for display as wall art.
They are usually striking and have a vivid, distinctive style about them. And thanks to the techniques used in editing they often have a hand-painted feel to them. You'll find yourself staring at your commission again and again, drawn into it like a story.
Fine art portrait photography invokes a sense of timelessness. It’s because of this that many clients see them as family heirlooms, to be handed down to the next generation as a way to cherish a loved family member.
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